Salary For A Psychologist

Psychology is one of the challenging professions where psychologists have to tackle problems associated with psychological disorders developed in human beings. These kinds of disorders hamper the personal and professional life of an individual. Not only that, the behavioural disorders give rise to destructive mentality and it becomes a tough situation. Psychologists are skilled to tackle various kinds of psycho disorders associated with various types of people such as criminals, sports people etc. Salary of a psychologist depends upon the stream in which the psychologist works.

Precisely speaking stream means the areas of psychology where the person can work as a psychologist (private practice) or chartered psychologist. The chartered psychologists are distinguished as royal character and it is the prestigious professional recognition.

When one talks about the salary of a psychologist, one thing is assumed that he/she should be competent from knowledge and expertise point of view. The psychologist can select the field of his/her interest, acquire education in that sector and can pursue career in the same. Some of the 心理醫生推薦 interesting and challenging fields are listed below:

• Forensic psychology
• Counselling psychology
• Clinical psychology
• Educational psychology
• Neuropsychology
• Sports Psychology
• Occupational psychology

The salary of a psychologist depends upon various facts such as where he/she is working? What is his specialisation? It is a fact that if the psychologist is working in a small town, the salary will be less than what a psychologist draws in megacities.

The market survey says that an average salary of a psychologist in USA is 72,487 dollars per annum; of course it directly depends upon the stream in which he/she is working.

Experienced psychologists are highly paid and that is what is applicable for almost all professions.

As stated above the counselling psychology is one of the exciting areas of specialisation where the psychologist gets an opportunity to tackle psychological issues related with students, handicapped people as well as special schizophrenic patients etc. The psychologists who are specialised in this stream are highly paid.

The average salary of a psychologist in Denver ranges about 78,668 dollars per year. The salary of a psychologist can be in the range 20,000 dollars to 100,000 dollars per year. The salary of the psychologist, who is post graduated in specific subject, can be in a range of 25,000 dollars to 45,000 dollars per year.

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