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If I can read and write English so well, why do I need to learn Spanish or for that matter any other language? Many Americans may well be asking this question. Just think. Only about six percent of the world’s population speaks English as their primary language. Another six percent read and write English as their second and third language, but you still have more than eighty percent of the world’s populace speaking another lingo.

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The Indian nationalist and spiritual leader Mahatma Gandhi had said “No culture can live if it attempts to be exclusive”. How true. By learning another language a person’s mind peeks into another culture slot online yang sering kasih jackpot. After all, we do need to enhance our global understanding. Our business needs demand it and so do our socio cultural requirements.

Now comes the question, why learn Spanish in particular? Here are a few good reasons why we as Americans should.

· Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world in terms of native speakers. Mexico, our southern neighbor contains the largest population of Spanish speakers. In fact most Spanish speakers are in Latin America.

· You will find it easy to maintain daily contact with a large populace in the US of Hispanic descent. Wherever you are in US, in all probability, there are several Spanish speaking people living nearby.

· Learning Spanish enhances your travel experience. When you travel to a Latin American country you will find that most natives do not understand English. Even an elementary knowledge of Spanish will help in communicating with a hotel clerk, while ordering food and drinks in a restaurant, or when asking locals for directions.

· It is common to see a job advertisement reading “knowledge of second language essential”. Being an American, knowledge of Spanish will help you the most in enhancing your job potential. The trades that have a distinct advantage with Spanish proficiency are nurses, social workers, translators, salespersons, to name a few.

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