How to Get Rid of Age Spots Naturally

Gradually over time you have noticed an increasing number of flat brown spots on your face, neck or hands. They started out as a source of curiosity. You may have even had them checked by a doctor, who probably said that they are harmless liver or sun spots, a common sign of growing older. But now they just make you look older than you feel and you wonder how to get rid of age spots. Here are some ideas and some cautions.

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Age spots are caused by a number of things including poor diet, lack of exercise, smoking, pregnancy, hormone medicine, birth control pills and skin injury how much does a gallon of milk weigh . But mostly, excessive exposure to the sun is believed to be the primary culprit.

So, while working to eliminate the age spots you have, by all means begin, continue, or increase your efforts to prevent them, like using quality sun screens of SPF 15 and higher that protect against the sun’s ultraviolet rays, particularly UVA and UVB rays.

There are many ways of treating age spots and each varies widely by its effectiveness, cost and risk what does wdm mean in texting . Treatments include laser, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, cryosurgery, photofacials, drugs and skin lightening creams.

Except for some drugs and lightening creams, the other approaches should be undertaken by a medical professional. Since they are medical treatments their cost is much higher, from hundreds to even thousands of dollars more. And for the most part health insurance does not cover such “cosmetic” therapies.

One drug you may have heard about for how to get rid of age spots is hydroquinone. It is a bleaching agent that must be used carefully as it can lighten normal skin too. That may make it unsuitable for use on darker skin. As a caution even in low doses hydroquinone can cause irritation. Also hydroquinone has been banned in some European and Asian countries because of links to renal cancer and a rare skin disorder called ochronosis. In the U.S. the FDA has not yet made a ruling on it.

Doing just a little research, you will find effective and safe, natural skin lightening cream products. Not only do these lightening creams fade age spots they also make your skin look younger, smoother and more attractive.

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