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Ask any pet owner and they will tell you that your dogs health problems should get the same attention as we give to our own health problems. Our dogs can face the same illnesses that we do, such as: arthritis, depression, diabetes, kidney infection or disease, hepatitis, prostate or liver disorders, and even cancer. That’s in addition to unique dogs health problems like heartworm and kennel cough, to name just a few. Throw into that combination of dogs health problems, fleas and ticks and you can quickly see what your dog can face.

Have you ever found yourself thinking, “I wish my dog could just tell me what’s wrong?” You will be happy to know that they do often tell us, maybe not in words, but in their behavior and appearance home depot health check . You have to put your doggy doctor’s hat on and be observant of your dogs health, because early detection of a dogs health problem can mean that medical treatments are usually simpler, less expensive and more successful.

Good dogs health care requires watching for behavioral changes like loss of energy, appetite, or elimination problems. Examine your dog’s eyes, they should be bright and clear, in older dogs the lens may be pale. Although your dog’s nose should be moist and cool most of the time, a dry warm nose does not always mean fever. Feel your dog’s body and limbs for lumps or soreness. Watch that his bowel movements are regular and well formed and his urine is clear. Your dogs coat is shiny and sheds normally.

Have you noticed your dog shaking his head or holding it to one side, rubbing his head against the furniture or carpet? Ear infection is common with dogs, so for good dogs health, check his ears. Do they smell bad or are they tender or red? Is there a yellow, brown or black discharge in one or both ears? Usually this is an outer ear infection and is easily solved.

First, try to clean the ears with white vinegar. Pour a small amount into the ear canal then massage the area gently and dry the ear with a cotton ball. Do this once a day until the ear is better. If after a few days you still notice your dog scratching the ear frequently, this can lead to more serious problems: causing blood vessels to break in the earflap and swelling, which can cause permanent ear damage, so take your dog to the vet.

Take your dog’s health care seriously. If your dog is down and you’re not quite sure what is wrong; take your dogs temperature. This rectal temperature reading is not difficult but is usually best performed with two people, one holding the dog. Lubricate the thermometer with petroleum jelly and slowly slide it into the dog about an inch deep. Wait about two minutes for a mercury thermometer. If your dog sits on the thermometer and breaks it, give him a teaspoon of mineral oil to cause a bowel movement. Do not attempt to remove the thermometer yourself, and call your veterinarian immediately.

A dog’s normal body temperature ranges between 100.5° Fahrenheit (38.1°C) and 102.5° Fahrenheit (39.2°C). If you ever find your dogs temperature below 99° Fahrenheit (37.2°C), or above 104°Fahrenheit (40°C) this is extremely serious and you should take your dog to the veterinarian immediately.

A dog’s health care is usually uncomplicated; most dogs lead healthy and normal lives and overcome the occasional upset stomachs, cuts and bruises. If you keep your dog on a normal diet, give him lots of love and attention, you will most likely only need to see the vet for check-ups and vaccinations.

When it comes to your dogs health care you must learn to trust your gut feelings. If your dog shows signs of illness consult your veterinarian. Remember that you can put on your doggy doctors hat and gather the clues: but your veterinarian is the only one that can make a final and accurate diagnosis.

In an emergency visiting a veterinarian can be stressful for both you and your dog. Anxiety builds with each moment because not only are you are concerned for your dog – but you have no idea of what this visit will cost. You feel a little intimidated because you don’t want to come right out and ask; that feels a little tacky, but yet you need to know. Most dog lovers agree that having pet insurance is the only way to go. You’ll be glad to know that pet insurance for your dog and other animals is usually a lot less expensive than you think; and through the course of your dog’s life, you can actually save money by having pet insurance!

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