Blogging for Extra Money – Do This for Extra Cash

In this article we are going to take a quick look at blogging for extra money. While there are clearly many people who have made huge dollars and built entire big brands of one simply by pressing the pen to the proverbial pixel….many people simply aspire to making a few extra bucks. And if you fall into this group, you aren’t quite ready to quit your day job, or even blog more than a few hours a week, the good news is you CAN and WILL be able to turn a profit in short order.

Blogging, by its very nature is very inexpensive. While you can get sophisticated add on’s to add value and punch to your blog, for the most part, you can get started at a VERY low cost, often times for free . And if you are a naturally good writer, or just have a passion for one, two or even many hobbies or interests, you can turn this passion into profit with great ease.

The key to monetizing your blog is simple. You need to find corresponding offers to compliment your creative content. If you are blogging about fishing, you would find products, services and offers to present to your readers, which, if a natural fit to your content, you will be making affiliate sales through your advertisers in no time.

I believe that anyone can make a few hundred bucks from their blog in the first 30 days, even less if you are motivated. Of course, the SKY is indeed the limit, but for many people, a small start is the fuel they need to REALLY find that spark to pursue the big profits down the road. Have fun, and happy blogging!

Many novice bloggers are faced with the difficult task of picking the proper platform for their ambitions, and if you don’t know the terrain – this can often times be a daunting decision. The good news is this: If you peel away the technical jargon, and the layers of options you seemingly have to choose from, the choice really comes down to one or two key distinctions. Do you choose a hosted blogging environment, or a self hosted? Let’s take a quick look at the differences between them, and see if we can’t make you decision a tad easier in the process.

A hosted blogging solution typically refers to a blog that you set up on the server platform owned and run by the blogging software provider you are using. For example, Blogger is a very popular software for bloggers, and your blog would be set and hosted by Google, the owner of the platform. Other examples of this type of arrangement would be Type-Pad, which is owned my Six Apart, or Square Space, another popular but smaller blogging software system. (WordPress also has a hosted option, but I don’t recommend you go that route as described in the following section) The advantages of hosted providers is, they provide the hosting for you, and your blog is typically easily customized with very user friendly, intuitive interfaces. In the case of Blogger, it’s also totally free across the board..:-)

A self hosted blog would be something like the WordPress platform, where you install this software on YOUR own server. Typically this would require you rent a small amount of server space on a shared plan with a major hosting provider. This is also very inexpensive (typically less than $70 or $80 dollars per year) and WordPress itself is free.

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