Is RSS Important?

Subscribing to RSS feeds has become one of the most popular ways to stay abreast of the latest news, favorite topics, and newest products. This unique web service is something that all webmasters should use to ensure they are getting their chunk of internet visitors. Of course, you must first know a little bit about the best way to utilize this tool on your website as well as how to get the word out to the masses.

With an RSS feed your visitors will not have to bookmark your website and come back every day or ever hour or so see if you have posted new articles Sherry Dyson . All that is needed is an RSS subscription button on the upper page of your website. This allows your readers to subscribe to your feed and then read it as soon as it occurs via an RSS reader.

Internet news fans love this new tool, as they do not have to search through the search engine to find the latest news in their hometown, on specific topics such as new technology products, sales on clothing, and so on. They can subscribe to their favorite blogs, stores, news, and everything in between so they receive real time information, posts on sales, upcoming events, and more.

The best part of all is that when you post an article on your blog, the title and small blurb will be sent to those that have subscribed as well as search engines will gobble up the news and send it across the net. Anyone interested in the topic will see the headline, click on feed, and visit your website to read the entire post. If they enjoyed the post, they will then subscribe. This means that webmasters can truly gain targeted traffic.

When you have your feed ready to go, you should remember to post interesting and eye-catching titles. Just using an RSS feed will not bring in traffic. You need to get their attention when the feed is displayed. You should provide just enough of a hint to get readers wanting more – this will bring visitors and more sales.

Everyone has heard the adage opposites attract. There’s a reason opposites tend to come together. In physics, it’s about two poles of differing charges. In romance, it is dissimilar personalities. It is also true in branding and marketing. Opposites tend to get attention. They are noticed because of their nonconformity. It’s why Seinfeld was such a hit show.

Why do opposites attract? Probably because each has something the other does not have. Using this fundamental principle, a brand can gain traction and become mainstream with a little creativity. Though conventional wisdom dictates we all follow the rules, some strategic rule breaking can blow-up the newest brand on the block.

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