Playing the Nintendo DS Games

Gamers are now enjoying the best kinds of games since computer gaming started several decades ago. The quality of video and audio of today’s games are such in a high state of art form and sound reproduction. This high quality of gaming today is due to the ever increasing amount of processing speed and storage space of computers. Game producers and designers have now the needed tools to create fantastic videos with superlative sound qualities that can bolster more the gaming enjoyment of players. It is no wonder then that the gaming business is now a billion dollar industry and growing bigger each day.

One company that is at the forefront of the gaming business is Nintendo F95zone . Their Nintendo DS games are highly entertaining and rewarding to players. Because of the way the company have crafted their games, players can have a more personalized interaction with game characters.

A more rewarding attraction of their kind of games is that several players can actively play a game simultaneously. Although nearly all games nowadays are Mass based especially games on the internet, the gaming opportunity of this Nintendo games is that you can play games on a stand alone basis with several players playing together. You can also have fun playing with other people or friend of yours through the internet. There is however, a more advanced gaming console that Nintendo has just recently offered to the public, which is making waves everywhere it is launched. This new gaming machine of Nintendo is called Nintendo Wii. This is an entirely a new kind of gaming experience that merges the enjoyment one can get from gaming and the benefits that it provides in terms of losing weight through physical action that you perform when you play the very exciting game.

The Nintendo DS on the other hand, has so many exciting games that you can choose from. These games are tailored to give the players the chance to compete with gaming characters and earn points from their skills against the ingenuity of computer characters that has been pre programmed to respond according to the player’s action.

If in case you would like to avail for yourself one of these latest computer games, there are just so many gaming consoles you can choose from. You can visit dealers of these computer games and see for yourselves the varied styles and makes of gaming consoles. Better still, you can also browse the many online stores selling these different brands of gaming units so that you can have a better understanding of their respective prices before you buy one.

There is now a wide availability of Nintendo’s DS Top Games and even Nintendo’s DS Video games and many other video gaming brands. The latest however, which is the much awaited Nintendo’s Wii gaming console will his the US market anytime soon. Hopefully you have already reserved you own advance order from your friendly neighborhood dealer store so that you will be one of those who can play with it.

Not long ago, I was a starry-eyed kid who wanted to make video games for a living. I grew up with Mario and had every Nintendo home console from the Super NES forward. I was even one of those entrepreneurial types who made fan sites. It started simply with AOL’s free web space and then grew slowly to other free web space sites until finally a domain of its own. That site was known as The N Chamber–guess what the N stood for–and at one point Google had listed us first for the search phrase: “Nintendo dolphin.” Those were certainly good times but unfortunately our web presence was connected with eFront and their scandal brought everything to a fiery collapse.

At this point I was maybe 14 or 15 years old developing websites and offering my “opinion” on the industry news and with game reviews. To think that anyone seriously listened to what I had to say is laughable to me today. But, I was a fan and I loved the industry–if nothing else, I learned a lot about web development and the game industry. After the eFront meltdown, I was still active in the game fan site arena and worked on a few more websites before I finally called it quits. I tried to resurrect The N Chamber on numerous occasions but, it was not the same for a variety reasons including Google no longer listing us in a favorable search position and realizing it was futile trying to compete with the likes of IGN or Gamespot–blogs were not a big thing yet. Nonetheless, I worked on multi-platform gaming websites–GamerPlay/WiredPlay–and although they didn’t get very far, I learned a lot of PHP and MySQL programming as I was bent on creating my own content management system.

I was probably 16 or 17 in the end days of my fansite years. I had still not actually made a real game yet. I tried learning C++ on my own but, that never got too far. In my last two years of high school, we had majors. I had picked the Computer Science major and it was there that I really learned how to code. I took C++ and Java as well as Web Design–which was cake for me–and a computer architecture class–didn’t care for that class and still don’t. Luckily, my programming classes were not super strict so we got to create games for our projects. Programming anything else would have just been ridiculously boring. My first “games” were generally crappy ASCII graphics experiences but, I had a blast. We made a really dumbed down ASCII “Final Fantasy” like RPG that had one level in my first semester. In the second semester, we did some card games but, the project I was most proud of was an ASCII version of Defender. It only had one level as well but I managed to figure out how to have the game scroll so enemies would come towards you while you moved your plane. We figured out how to use color and sound. It was the biggest game I had ever made at the time–and I thoroughly loved it

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