How to Write a Song – Lyrics

Starting out on songwriting can be tough and knowing how to write a song, lyrics particularly, is essential for the overall composition. Many people find it hard because they just don’t know where to start from. Some people write before coming up with the melody while others arrange the music and write the lyrics according to the music. It should be kept in mind that whichever pattern you follow, there must be a balance between the music and the lyrics.

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Writing can be therapeutic. It helps you process your thoughts and get in touch with your inner self. Before writing the actual lyrics you can keep a journal with yourself and use it to note down each and every thought that crosses your mind. By writing your thoughts and opinions you would have a clearer picture of how you feel about a particular situation. This would facilitate you to come up with good lyrics during the songwriting process. If you want to learn how to write a song, lyrics are a great place to start.

When you actually sit down to write the lyrics some people prefer to choose a secluded spot with no disturbances of any kind. Others actually enjoy and thrive in chaos, which energizes and serves to motivate and inspire. You need to be focused while writing your lyrics. There is not really any secret behind how to write a song. Lyrics require that the writer knows how to play with the words and to have an understanding of song structure — melody, chorus, verse, and bridge.

At this point you know your thoughts and need to channel them in such a way that they resonate with the listener. Rhyming your lyrics is not necessary, but it sure helps. It is often more effective to create lyrics that half rhyme because it does not sound forced. Good rhymes can use multiple words to rhyme with one longer word. You can even use the lyrical content to tell a story or narrate a particular event. Many songwriters are advised to write from their own past experiences.

If you feel that you lack what it takes to become a good song writer than you can even turn to various experts and professionals who would teach you how to write a song — lyrics and instrumental. You can use the creative environment to your advantage and write good lyrics. Such professionals would give you a step by step tutorial on how to write a song. Lyrics are where some people start, but most people start with the instrumental and then create the words.

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