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I wanted to go green in my online computing adventure and when I found HostPapa. I began researching and comparing. When I started out in the internet business, I ended up getting domains which were more expensive than what I had to paid. And the hosting I received was good but it had advertisement and I could not put anything together. But once I found HostPapa and that there was a green solution, I quickly moved to them.

First thing I wanted to know what was their uptime. It read 99% and I was just beginning, but I heard articles about how that was very important. I even called them and asked questions about discounts and how the free domain worked? They said it is free for the first year and then a low price to renew. Well back then I had some long domain name that no one wouldn’t type. I have already let that one go.

Anyways, back to the HostPapa. I also wanted to know where they were located and what else they offered with the package I signed up for. I can not remember exactly what I got, but I did just pay my bill about a month ago. I paid $83.00 for the entire year f95zone . This is the coolest part. I go to Godaddy for my domain names and then I go to my hosting provider and because I am with a great company. I can host unlimited domains and I can have unlimited space and emails, and WordPress installation.

This is what really made me happy. When I found out I could host as many domains as I wanted I was super happy! Now you might say, who cares about that. But trust me, if you plan on running an internet company and internet marketing, get use to it now godaddy email . Before you know it, you will be buying domains every month. And I know based on pricing and possibly your budget. You will want to host it somewhere.

Another thing about my experience with HostPapa. Whenever I have an issue with my account, domains, not knowing something. All I do is go into my email account, send them a support email and within 24 hours and most of the time most sooner, I get a reply on instructions on how to fix it or they fix it for me.

They are very nice and I believe their prices are very low for what they are offering. I have researched many companies, domain registrars and I have figured out my way through the internet hosting system.

Also another word to remember, get a sweet domain name. It could serious make or break your online adventures. I learned the hard way of a bad domain name.

Just bought a domain? Found a cheaper domain registrar? Want better service from a Web hosting provider? Well, these are just some of the reasons why a person would want to transfer domain name ownership. This article gives you a step-by-step guide as well as a few useful pointers about making the change.

This process of transferring domain name ownership is a simple action involving the current domain name registrar and the new domain name registrar. You can also choose to transfer domains over different accounts, under the same registrar. Some common domain registrars are GoDaddy, Netfirms and Many domain registrars, like GoDaddy, also offer Web hosting services.

Although each registrar may have a slightly different process of doing things, the basics are the same. The process of transferring domain name ownership is fast, simple and requires almost zero technical knowledge, as the details of the transfer are handled by the new registrar.

In this Global Domains Int Review you will find out whether or not there is a GDI scam like some people may tend to call it.

Global Domains Int is also known as GDI and they have been in business since 1999. They are similar to GoDaddy but GDI provides the .ws domain names while GoDaddy provides the .com and .co extensions. GoDaddy has recently started providing the .ws domain names through GDI but they don’t offer the affiliate program like Global Domains Int do.

Global Domains Int provides you with a website, email, domain name and hosting all for free for the first seven days. After your seven day trial period is over they will charge you $10 a month for hosting your website. The website that you get from them, you can use it however you want or you can use it to promote their product.

Through GDI’s affiliate program you can make money by promoting their product. The will pay you $1 every month for every person that you have referred. They also have a bonus referral program and the way that this works is that they will pay you $100 for every 5 people that you refer to GDI within a week. GDI gives you the opportunity to earn unlimited $100 bonuses every single week.

The reason why some people may call it the GDI scam is because some people get into this business expecting to make a fortune from their affiliate program right from the start. Global Domains Int is like any other affiliate marketing / network marketing business out there and most people don’t realize this. You can make great money with these companies but you have to learn how to market and it goes for anything that you want to promote on the internet.

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