Reasons For an MBA to Go to the Internet Industry – Are There Any?

IMPORTANT: Through the whole article and part 2 of this article when I use the acronym “MBA” I’m referring to “Full time MBA” programs from a Top Tier Business School in Europe and the US (see updated rankings here: BusinessWeek or Finantial Times). When I mention and MBA here I’m not referring to any of the following: online MBA’s, Part Time MBA’s, Executive MBA’s, Masters of other kind nor MBA’s from schools that are not consistently listed within the top ten mentioned rankings MBA.

Doing an MBA is a dream come true for lots of professionals. The reasons for doing it are as diverse as the backgrounds of the people who are finally accepted: industry change, higher salaries, get access to top multinational companies, increase opportunities of future promotion, work in a different country, exponential increase of your professional network, etc and… of course … to learn about Business.

Administration in the process. Nevertheless, one thing is true for everybody: it’s probably the only time in your professional life where, if you really want it, you could work pretty much in any company in the world. In most cases, you don’t even have to actively apply because most companies go to recruit YOU on campus. Depending on the economic cycle and your background, is not rare to see yourself in a position where you have more than one offer and you have to choose the one you like the most. Can you think of any other point of your professional life (in the past or yet to come) where you actually have two or three amazing job offers at the same time? If you can, you’re a really lucky person. For the rest, this is a once in a life time opportunity and you have to choose wisely.

There are lots of things to consider when making your career choice after the MBA, but I won’t get into detail here; this would be material for another article. The only thing I think It’s worth mentioning here is that for me the most important factor is that you really like what you’ll be doing. It’s my personal view that if you get into an industry or a job that you really like, you’ll end up being very good at it, and probably making more money in the long run than your peers that chose with a different criteria (high starting salary for example) as their most important factor.

Having said that, if what you like to do or what you’re passionate about is the Internet/Technology/Media industry, the rest of this article might give you some tips to decide and help you evaluate some pros and cons of getting into this particular sector where MBA’s are not so common. The goal here is to give you reasons in favor and against taking a job in this industry (by someone who made this choice a couple of years ago) so you can take a better informed decision.

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