Sure Shot PMP Exam Prep Techniques

Have you ever dreamed of getting the title of a project management professional (PMP)? Have you been getting one PMP training course after another just so you will be fully prepared once you take the PMP certification exam CISM exam ?

Modern project management is largely about mathematical equations and formulas (talk about PERT and earned values). Therefore, memorizing these seemingly useless and senseless strings of numbers, symbols and letters would prove to be an essential PMP exam prep technique.

But how do you get them into your head without having a nosebleed? For one, remember that your brain works best when the information that you want to store falls within the range of 7 plus minus 2. In simpler terms, to be able to retain data, you must “chunk” the details into a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 9 fragments. If you need to recode the formula, so be it.

Just make sure that they remain the same, otherwise, you putting yourself in grave danger. Second, you must understand what the formula means so you can properly remember it. Make a story out of it so it becomes more familiar in your head.

Indeed, by using these memorization techniques, you’d realize that taking the time to recode the pieces of information on and to make a story out of a formula would prove to be a very effective PMP exam prep strategy.

The PMP exam does not penalize you for putting a wrong answer. And remember, you have a time limit for the exam. You have at most 72 seconds per item (you have 4 hours for the 200-item exam). Therefore, get yourself used to guessing the answer. Just exercise this PMP exam prep technique with caution as you might totally depend on the guessing game come final testing. Remember, you’ve studied a whole lot for this certification exam, don’t waste your effort and time by suddenly solely leaning on guessing.

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