Amazing Pregnancy Miracles

Every woman has pregnancy on her mind at some point. It is in our nature, our makeup, in the fabric of our very being. If you want to achieve a healthy pregnancy and you have had difficulty, don’t be discouraged. Amazing pregnancy Miracles exist with those wanting to walk, breathe, and eat foods specifically to increase their health and the health of the next generation. Envision every child is born unrestricted by medical problems. Imagine a place where doctors and midwives teach every pregnant mom how to breathe better, eat super foods for their babies, and swap a few toxic cleaners for green ones. Imagine homes, buildings, and neighborhoods designed exactly to minimize environmental disturbances that affect the unborn child. Imagine a place where pregnant mothers feel a lifelong glow from knowing that they made healthy changes to give their children a happier start in life. Imagine what would happen around the world.

Eating the right foods will dramatically alter your conception, pregnancy and birthing experiences as a whole. For instance, women who have eaten a totally raw food diet during the course of their pregnancy, have been known to have extremely easy and/or totally painless child-births a course in miracles. Stay away from eating too much processed and/or junk food. The most obvious effect of eating junk food before or during pregnancy is infertility or excessive maternal weight gain. Overweight and obese women have a significantly higher risk of serious complications such as high blood pressure, pregnancy induced hypertension, gestational diabetes, miscarriage, pre-term labor, stillbirth and an increase in birth defects. Eating high amounts of raw fruits and vegetables will insure you and your baby will get adequate amounts of nutrients and vitamins.

Taking synthetic vitamins can work harmfully against your body. Synthetic vitamins can cause extreme constipation, nausea, and fatigue. Synthetic vitamins are chemical compounds that have been manufactured in laboratories to copy or mimic the molecular structure of real plants a course in miracles book . Unfortunately, the body cannot properly utilize synthetic vitamins because they are missing cofactors such as enzymes and other vitamins in order to work properly. Therefore, synthetic vitamins cannot be expected to do the job real vitamins are intended to do. Worse, synthetic vitamins can actually cause problems. Without the cofactors needed to metabolize these vitamins, the body locates the needed cofactors in body tissues, organs, bones and muscles. This can deplete the body of other important vitamins and nutrients in a big hurry.

In addition to eating a high raw fruit and vegetable diet, you should supplement your health plan with organic herbs and tinctures such as saw palmetto, dong quai, wild yam root, red raspberry leaf, motherwort, etc. These can help you increase fertility, alleviate morning sickness, ease the discomfort of pregnancy, increase your iron deficiency and much more. Some of these remedies when in conjunction with each other haven been known to assist in the aid of conception and help labor progress quickly and efficiently.

Who would think that the reason you are not losing weight might be because you are not eating sufficient carbohydrates? (Good ones, of course!) If you have Metabolism B and are following the Metabolism Miracle eating program it is important that you remember to eat 11 – 20 g net carbs every 5 hours in Step Two.

I hit a plateau on my Metabolism Miracle eating program and was becoming quite frustrated by not losing more weight. I went over everything I was doing and hit upon the fact that once you have come through Step One on this eating program and you begin introducing carbs back into your diet in Step Two it is imperative to consume six or more carb servings per day. These servings must be 11 – 20 net low-impact carbs.

In Step Two you are allowed to reintroduce specified cereals and grains consisting of cooked oatmeal, cooked barley, brown or wild rice, whole-grain pasta, bulgur and dry cereal with 2 grams of fiber or more.

A greater variety of vegetables and legumes are allowed in Step Two such as corn, beets, peas, sweet potatoes or yams, carrots, kidney beans, lima beans, chickpeas, black and white beans.

Various fruits are reintroduced into your diet in Step Two. I really like fruit so this was a yummy addition to my diet! On the acceptable list is apples, pears, peaches, plums, nectarines, cherries, natural applesauce, grapefruit, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, grapes, oranges, pineapple cubes, dried apricot halves and bananas.

For those of us who enjoy milk, Step Two has a great addition of fat-free, nonfat, 1%, 2% and skim milk. You can also enjoy plain yogurt containing 11-20 g net carbs. Fruit-flavored yogurt sweetened with Splenda or sucralose – 11 – 20 g net carbs can be used. If you like buttermilk you can include that in your diet (11 – 20 g net carbs). If you are looking for desserts other than jello and flavored ricotta, you can now once again enjoy sugar-free/fat-free pudding (11 – 20 g net carb) and no-sugar-added ice cream products sweetened with Splenda (11 – 20 g net carbs). I believe Bryers has an ice cream that will fit into this category.

Timing is very critical in Step Two. It is important that you never go more than five hours without an 11 -20 gram net carbs serving. You want to keep your metabolism stoked. If you forget to do this, your liver will over compensate with glycogen. This will cause stress on your pancreas and cause weight gain.

Step Two is a safe, nutritionally balanced diet that you can stay on as long as you like and continue to lose weight. Once you have reached your weight goal Step Three details how you can keep weight off for the rest of your life and be healthy in the process.

As the book, The Metabolism Miracle goes into great detail and explanations on the changes taking place in your body, I would greatly suggest purchasing this book. Mine is never very far away. It is helpful in making up my menus and shopping lists. It is a very small investment to make for a healthy body and eliminating the medications I am currently on.

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