Parking Permits Buying Guide

Each residential society, non-profit or commercial organization has a parking permit program allowing residents, employees, and visitors to park their vehicles in the specified parking area during specified time. Parking programs are implemented to strengthen security by monitoring vehicles and people handicap placard entering premises. The permits are issued by the parking authorities and entitle the permit holder to park their vehicles within specified area. Hence, parking permits are required by all including office employees, residents, caregivers, foreign consulates, students, visitors, fire stations, hospitals, etc.

There are a range of parking permits and tags in the market. When buying parking tags, you must first consider various types of parking permits available to know which suits your parking program.

Parking Hang Tags: Parking hangtags as the name suggests can easily hang from a rearview mirror. These are ideal when one needs to move tags between vehicles. Go for durable heavy-duty plastic hangtags that can withstand heat in cars. There are Temporary Permits, Handicapped or Disabled Parking Permits, and Scratch off designs too. In scratch-off hangtags, you can easily scratch off the coating to view the expiry date.

Parking Decals: Parking decals are permits that can easily cling to mirrors from both inside and outside. Buy only those that use good adhesive and stay stuck. Those made from reflective material enable flashlight inspection.

* Static Cling Labels: Static cling window decals are those that can stick without adhesives. These labels are clear, can be used inside or outside the mirror, and do not obstruct the driver’s view. At My Parking Permit, you can find permanent polyester labels in many shapes.

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Bumper Sticker Permits: These are used on bumpers and made from materials that are resistant to weather conditions. Bumper stickers usually have large numbers that are quite readable even from a distance. Reflective bumper stickers are also available.

Once you are clear about the type of permit to buy, consider other parking permit features as listed below:

Shapes/Sizes/Colors: Parking hangtags and permits are available in many shapes, sizes, and colors. Some hangtags are just the size of mirror while others are little long and can be easily spotted from distance. You can also find horizontal parking hangtags that hide completely behind the mirror and does not obstruct the view. Parking decals are also available in different sizes and shapes—oval square or round. Select one according to your requirements. You can pick different colors to differentiate parking permits issued in a particular year or by parking lots.

Logo, Number, Date: A parking permit with a logo makes it look professional and enhances branding. In the absence of a logo a unique, noticeable text font can be used to display the name of the organization. Make sure the numbers on the permit are large enough so that they are visible easily. Both pre-numbered and un-numbered tags are available. Expiration date on the card makes it easy to differentiate between a valid and a non-valid permit. Parking location can also be specified for better inspection and enhanced security.

Select the Right Material: Window stickers are available in Laminated Polyester, Reflective Acrylic, Static Cling, Destructible Vinyl, Permanent Vinyl, or Removable Vinyl. Parking tags are available in Polyethylene, Polyester, Acrylic, or even Paper. Whether the sticker or tag is heat resistant or durable depends on the material. Check with the manufacturer.

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