Secret to Win Online Poker Tournaments

You will hear dozens of people tell you multiple strategies to winning online poker, and for the most part, their advice is reasonably accurate Poker88. However, online poker is quite different than live poker, mainly because online poker sites use a computer-generated set of codes, algorithms, and software to determine hand outcomes and winners.

In a live game, the deck is subjected to a truly random set of circumstances beyond the control of players, dealers, and the house. Unless the deck is stacked, the odds and statistics in a live game are more accurate than in online poker. Unfortunately, Internet sites are easily able to manipulate the decks, outcomes, and even winners in any game.

Until recently, online pokersites were regarded as honest and fair businesses, then scandals after scandal broke with many pokersites admitting to cheating, collusion and hacking by staff and players alike. This prompted a drastic change in the way online sites shuffled, delivered, and dealt their decks. In addition, the sites also added in extra measures of security in the form of anti-collusion and anti-cheating software.

The anti-collusion and anti-cheating software, however necessary for the integrity of the site, changed more than just the security of the game. It also changed the outcome of the deal. To explain further, one of the measures of anti-collusion is the ability to detect when a player or players have won too many hands consecutively.

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