Game is something that is very popular in many country, where as it is known that the public, including students and teenagers, are familiar with this game. Even though we also all know that game causes minus eyes.

Indonesia itself does not actually prohibit its citizens from playing games, because the game itself is not a crime. Even in Indonesia, games are considered to be instrumental in making the nation proud, where many world game championships have been won by Indonesian dominoqq terpercaya . This of course also contributes to the good name of Indonesi in the world.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo also appreciated the young generation who can make Indonesia proud or make Indonesia proud on the world stage. However, even if the game is considered positive in this regard, of course the negative effects caused by the game cannot be underestimated, one of which is that the game causes minus eyes from an early age.

Many students who are still at an early age are willing to play games for a long time, this is what parents must avoid so that their children do not experience minus eyes at an early age. Well that’s right, children who are still at an early age should not be introduced to the game world.

They also often forget their schoolwork even though the obligation for students is to study. And of course the effects of game causes minus eyes are also experienced by these children because they stare at smartphones or computers for too long.

Ultraviolet rays from a smartphone or computer that are too long can make your child’s eyes experience decreased vision or we call it minus. And that’s one of the bad effects caused by the game, namely the game causes minus eyes


Unlike gambling which also has a negative effect, the game can have far more positives than of course the game causes minus eyes. And because gambling causes severe damage, parents are expected to continue to monitor their children’s development in order to avoid the gambling circle.

Because there are many kinds of gambling currently circulating in the community, and all of them hide behind a tantalizing name, for example, domino gambling, dominoqq online, online slot gambling and others. Don’t let your child get trapped in the gambling circle described above.

Back again regarding the business of games, limiting the time children play games is an effort that can be done by parents to prevent the negative effects caused by games, namely game causes minus eyes. Limit your child’s time in playing games, which is a maximum of 2 hours. This is as explained by researchers in the world where the time to play a good game for children, especially early childhood is a maximum 2 hours.

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