Hot Stone Massage Guide eBook

Hot stone massage seems to be the ‘in’ new thing on Day Spa Menus worldwide. But stone massage 출장마사지 is not a new therapy. Hot stones have been used for massage for many thousands of years by Indigenous Cultures from Russia, Hawaii, Japan and North America. The stones used in Hot Stone Massage are mostly basalt stones created by Volcanic activity. The surfaces have been completely smoothed – in river beds or tossed by the ocean for many years.

A Stone Massage Session

Smooth warmed basalt stones are used to massage the body in long flowing strokes to relax and unwind muscle tension and stress from the body. The sensation produced by gliding, heated stones over the body along with the occasional “click” of the stones touching each other, is something that can only be appreciated by experiencing it. The heat of the stones, combined with the soothing gliding movement, warms and relaxes the muscles to a much greater extent than that achieved by simply massaging the body with the hands alone. Using stones in massage is similar to ‘ironing’. The warm stone ‘irons’ the muscle effectively helping to unwind and relax tight tense areas.

What to Expect

The stone massage varies from therapist to therapist. The stones will be warmed in a heater and then placed on your body. A variety of very specific shapes and sizes of basalt stones are used throughout the massage, applied to specific areas and energy centers on the body. The therapist will massage you with the stones in a similar manner to normal relaxation massage – mostly the only difference is that the therapist is holding a stone while they are massaging.

The stones should be warm – not very hot even though the massage is called Hot Stone Massage. When the therapist places the stone on your body ideally you will feel a sensation similar to getting into a warm bath or shower. The temperature should be wonderfully warming and inviting and never be a shock to the body or feel as though it may burn. If you are at all concerned in your massage that the stones are too hot – be proactive and ask that they be taken off straight away. With an experienced Stone Massage Therapist you will be in very good hands and half an hour into your massage you will be blissed out. In fact you may not even remember all your massage.

Tips for Therapists

Stone Selection for Hot Stone Massage

Stones for Hot Stone Massage are selected according to their composition, size, texture and shape. The composition of stones refers to the types and minerals the stones are made of – such as iron, copper, nickel, manganese, serpentine and olivine. The stones for hot stone massage are igneous or metamorphic and come in a variety of colours depending on the mineral make up of the stone: green, black, brown, blue, and gray.

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