Zone 7 Vegetable Gardening Made Simple

From both novice and expert gardeners, knowing exactly which vegetables will thrive in any given location is extremely important. Average climate, ground Y2mate conditions, yearly snow (not to mention, rain) fall and the four seasons all come into play when deciding what goodies to plant in your garden. To help simplify things a bit, specific geographical regions are classified according to the above factors, and then put into numbered zones, which help gardeners prescribe which plants are most likely to thrive in the region. Once you research your zone, it is time to research the correct plants to use in your garden. Finally, once this is complete it is time for you to plant your vegetable garden, making sure to follow all instructions as they pertain to your zone 7 vegetable gardening guide.

Know Your Zone

How well will cucumbers do if planted in Africa? Will tomatoes vines produce for you in San Francisco? The easiest way to find an answer to this question is to know the specific zone in which you live. Finding out which zone you live in is a relatively easy process. You simple use your Google search browser and type in “vegetable gardening zones”. After doing this, several results will be displayed on your monitor. Click on the link which looks most relevant in order to find zone maps, charts and everything else you will need to know for sure which zone you are in.

Know Which Plants to Use

After you find out which zone you live it, finding out which vegetables will thrive in your area is a very easy process. For instance, zone 7 vegetable gardening charts are all over the internet. These charts break down into lists of perennials, annuals, trees, vegetables,etc. Once you find such a chart, you can begin to narrow down your selection. In addition to knowing your zone, it is important to be aware of the sun to shade ratio of your particular garden spot. If your garden gets a lot of sun, you will want to choose vegetables that thrive in sun. There are also several vegetables that do very well in shade and if this is the case in your particular zone 7 vegetable gardening scenario, you will want to choose vegetables from the list that thrive in shade.

Know How to Care for Your Plants

Now that you know your zone and have chosen the specific vegetables that will thrive in your garden, it is time to plant! It is very important to expressly follow the planting and daily care instructions provided for plants in your region. Zone 7 vegetable gardening is different from gardening in any other region and it is very important to not follow instructions written for any region outside of your zone. In addition, once planted, it is important to make sure that you follow the daily care instructions provided for zone 7 vegetable gardening. The right amount of water, the right amount of fertilizer and the right amount of pruning are all essential, if you want your vegetable garden to produce at its highest level.

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