Comparison Between Talcum Powder And Baby Powder

Talcum powder and baby powder are commonly used for application on skin for fragrance and freshness bột thông công. However, the two variants are different from each other on many fronts. Talcum powder is also referred to as talc. The powder is a cosmetic that is made of talc which is originally a soft mineral. Both the variants have the same composition to a certain extent. They are used by people for various purposes. As a matter of fact, talcum powder is used for babies as well, with slight modification.

There are various things for which talcum powder is used. It is primarily used to draw in moisture. This keeps the skin clean and dry. However, it should not be confused with a disinfectant, as it does not have antiseptic attributes. Most talcum powders come in various fragrances. Their texture is the same, no matter what brand it is. The fragrance helps to fight the odour of sweat in hot and humid days. By large these powders are white in colour. The fragrance of these powders varies with the change of the target audience. The ones that are specifically marketed for women have floral and fruity fragrance. However, those that are targeted for men have a stronger aroma. At times, they smell like colognes.

Some other uses of talcum powders are rather interesting. Athletes use it all over their body before suiting up. This restrains sweating and irritation caused by tightly fitted clothes. Women apply it in their inner thighs to avoid chafing, while they dress up in skirts. Some people are seen applying a coat of talcum powder on carom boards to make it smooth. This helps the striker and the lighter disks to move smoothly. Use of this substance between rubber sheets enables to keep them separate; otherwise rubber sheets stick to each other.

As varied as the list is for talcum powder, the baby powder also has extensive usage. Though most of the above mentioned activities are applicable for this variant, it is specifically targeted towards babies. Hence the scent of this powder is not at all strong. With mild fragrance, it is most suitable for kids. They are applied on the little bodies to prevent diaper rashes or other skin eruptions that are caused by urination and perspiration. An interesting use of this powder is its therapeutic quality in case of a panic attack. It is believed to be more effective than medicines. As it is, medication will not be available before the examination of the doctor. It can be useful to take in the smell of baby powder to calm the panic stricken person.

Baby powder with lotions, creams, combs and other similar items prove to be a great baby shower gift. If you are not sure of what to gift the mom-to-be, or you are undecided on the clothes that you want to buy for a new born, this idea never flops. The babies are in constant need for such supplies. By far, the baby powder is a part of the talcum powder family with some twist.

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