California’s Water Crisis – What it means to you

California is facing a alkaline water delivery los angeles monumental challenge to meet the water demand of its current and projected population. Climate change, drought in California and the Colorado River Basin, legal mitigation in the Owens Valley and Sacramento/San Joaquin Delta, and a rapidly growing population has created a serious water scarcity that will affect every person and business in California this year, particularly Southern Californians. As a result of this, we will all be facing significant water rate increases and water rationing programs being instituted by water districts across the state.

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In a 2005 US Census study, it was projected that by 2030, California’s population will swell to over 46 million people, a 37% increase over the population measured in 2000. 46 million people would also make it the most populous state in the us. Most of this growth is forecasted to land in the central valley and southern California. (Where the demand for water is already high! )

Arizona, Nevada, Utah, and Colorado are all predicted to be in the top 15 of the biggest population growth as a percentage compared to their year 2000 numbers. Notably, Nevada and Arizona are expected to increase in population by more than 100%. It is significant to note that all four of these states rely upon the already strained Colorado river for water.

Drought –

After experiencing two years of drought and the driest spring in recorded history, California’s water reserves are extremely low. This led Governor ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER on June, 2008 to proclaim a condition of statewide drought in California.

Statewide rainfall has been below normal in 2007 and 2008, with many Southern California communities receiving only 20 percent of normal rainfall in 2007, and Northern California this year experiencing the driest spring on record with most communities receiving less than 20 percent of normal rainfall from March through May 2008.

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