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In the present era, where SAP companies are struggling to fuse the various heterogeneous environment in their organization and maintain a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Netweaver comes as a solution to all their problems. SAP Netweaver is the latest advancement in the SAP Technologies, which was developed as an Artificial Intelligence (AI) shell that accepts standard comments literally as domain experts speak them.

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Modularity is the unique feature of Netweaver that makes it stand out amongst other software technologies. The knowledge engineer can more easily create “digestible chunks” of modules or sub-dependency networks, which help to keep the overarching dependency network from becoming potentially incomprehensible because of obvious complexity sap gold partner. The following plain text is aimed at expanding SAP Netweaver architecture and its interoperability with Microsoft. NET and IBM WebSpere.

In simple words, Netweaver is an application and Integration platform in which Web Services plays a major role and which is open for Non-SAP applications and platform.
Using Netweaver to improve the organizations productivity and enhance efficiency by making all the resources that are available in an enterprise to work collectively. To bring heterogeneous environment at one platform SAP Netweaver can be used. In addition, by using this technology we can use the existing systems without putting in much investment. Further in the near future, the various SAP Companies and Organizations have to take a decision for some common platform; could be Microsoft. NET, IBM Websphere or SAP Netweaver. Irrespective of selecting, SAP Netweaver is the one that integrates with all the three technologies.

SAP Netweaver attains the process of integration by integrating all the available heterogeneous resources of the existing system and combining them into a homogeneous form. This integrated information forms the basis of total, comprehendible, focused solution as preferred in an enterprise. Today, SAP finds a development in technology advancement and more innovation has been done in this SAP. With the advancement of technology, more new SAP programs have been initiated. SAP investment is a profitable investment and more information is created for the organization. SAP helps to interpret and implement information to the organization properly and correctly. Most of the people will invest in any of the SAP program and then implement in any of the SAP program. SAP implementation helps to make appropriate report with SAP development, native connections and overall integration. SAP programs like SAP BW, SAP R/3 is used as data query for crystal resources.

SAP BW is used as a data source for reports and queries. Generally, most of the people finds difficult to differentiate complex query with simple reports and simple query with complex reports. Most of the people build their structure as per their complexity in skill and report. Understanding the implementation of different SAP programs, helps to recognize the difference from the data collection and sourced. When SAP programs are implemented properly and find the data in the infoprovider correctly, then SAP provides a best outsource to the user. Analyzing the query and preparing the report for the user, helps the user to obtain effective outsource. Designing the SAP BW query evaluates the key figures and determines the data arrangement for filtering.

Query filtering reduces the data processing time and reduces the data. Effective SAP BW helps to optimize the performance of BW query and report. Preparing crystal report for the enterprise application formats the report effectively. Formatting and designing the SAP gives an effective report for the business enterprise. Today, more number of business enterprises is using the SAP to prepare an effective report with processed data. With different formula and processed data, effective and efficient report can be made for the query. It is essential to be noted in SAP programs are that all factors to be considered to process data and prepare report for the business enterprise. There are many numbers of factors available to calculate the crystal report.

When SAP data sources are retrieved properly for processing then the user gets the correct report for the organization. SAP innovation has provided more useful services to the business enterprise to get a proper outsourcing from the data. SAP programs have been innovated to make the users benefited from the different programs. With the advancement of technology in SAP, more new programs will be innovated. If you are seriously thinking about giving your career a new definition, then think closely about training for SAP. Now what the heck is SAP? Well never mind if you haven’t heard about it yet. SAP stands for (translated in English) Systems, Applications, Products in Data Processing. Its an ERP (Enterprise resource planning) software, in fact a market leader and the most comprehensive in its breed. An ERP system tends to integrate all business processes and applications being run in an organization. SAP is the third largest software company of the world (which originated in Germany). Over12000 companies are using SAP. It has around 80, 000 installations and over 12, 000, 000 people are using it.

Now the question comes, what value does SAP add to your profile? When we talk about SAP training it can be seen from various angles. As we discussed in the beginning you want to become an independent consultant and be the master of your own career and direction. You can also master the technical areas and platforms of SAP and be a more satisfied technical solution provider. Even if you choose to stay at your current job you can take up SAP courses and act as a project manager for your company who wants to implement SAP. Or you may want to become part of a consulting firm that facilitates other companies in SAP implementations. SAP consultants are never short of work, get to travel a lot and charge from 1000$ a day (or more).

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